Behind the Lens

Meet Marissa


Hi, I’m Marissa. Thanks for stopping by my site. Since I was child I have enjoyed photographing nature and the captivating beauty the Creator displays in the small moments on any given day. When I look through the lens, my focus is on how life and light meet - which I believe allows me to capture the emotion that each photo demands. 

 After finishing my studies at Emory University and New York Institute of Photography, I continued to develop and hone my skills as a photographer. Taking every opportunity to shoot and explore the intricacies of the images I captured. Doing so, taught me to craft each image from the story within the moment, using my camera sort of like a visual pen to bring the client’s vision to life.  My eyes see beyond the basic composition of a shot and into the heart of my subject’s story. This is what I feel sets me apart from other photographers, if I do say so myself :)  

So whether you’re an artist looking to interpret the essence of your sound for an album cover, an entertainer that wants to capture the interactive moments with your fans, a blogger that just needs that “something special” to give your brand a visual voice, or a corporate event designer trying to find the perfect photographer to tell the story of your branded event, look no further. Let’s connect. I’d love to meet you, hear your heart’s story and have a simple cup of tea. All three of these things, well, they just go together.

I can’t wait to meet you!